Since music apps like Korg's iMS-20 have proven beyond doubt that iOS devices can play a serious part in music creation, the real issue has been how to integrate these apps into your existing studio setup and workflow. iConnectMIDI is the long-awaited answer.

There's plenty of connectivity: 2 mini-USB ports for connecting to iPhones, iPads and computers, 2 MIDI DIN inputs and 2 MIDI DIN outputs for connecting to MIDI-capable hardware, and a hub-capable USB host port for connecting to USB MIDI devices.


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...and while the MIDI geeks salivate at the possibilities, here's a few use cases for the rest of you:

  • Use a MIDI controller or keyboard to control a music app running on an iPhone or iPad (without a computer)
  • Use a sequencer like Logic Pro to control a music app running on an iPhone or iPad
  • Use an app running on an iPhone or iPad to control a sequencer like Logic Pro

There's also a few demonstration videos available at the manufacturer's site. We're waiting for the details on price and availability, and will update this article as soon as we know.