Headlights are essential for night-time bike commuting, but they can also be a bit of a hassle. Among other things, they can get stolen (unless they're "theft-proof"), you might forget to bring them, and they can clutter up your handlebars. British product designer Anirudha Surabhi Venkata set out to change that, with his stem-integrated Lumineer light.

Putting it simply, the Lumineer is an aluminum handlebar stem with a 300-lumen water-resistant LED headlight built into its unibody front end.

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Its tilt angle can be adjusted via its two mounting bolts, while riders turn it on/off and switch between modes by pressing on its lens. Power is provided by a removable rechargeable 3.6-V/2,500-mAh li-ion battery, located in the main stem. One USB charge should be good for up to four hours of steady high output, 15 hours at "pulse," or 70 hours at a 50-lumen flash setting.

Venkata, who previously brought us the Kranium cardboard helmet, is now raising production funds for the Lumineer on Kickstarter. A pledge of £50 (about US$72) will get you one in your choice of two sizes and two colors – chrome or black – when and if they're ready to go. The light is demo'd in the video below.

And should a stem and headlight combined in one device not be enough for you, you might want to check out SpeedX's SpeedForce, which throws a cycling computer into the mix. Helios Bars likewise feature integrated lights and "brains."

Source: Kickstarter

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