14 March, 2008 High-end projector specialist Meridian has released its latest high-definition video projector, the MF10, which offers extraordinary black reproduction capability, with 30,000:1 native contrast ratio achieved without the use of a dynamic iris, thus ensuring true black reproduction without loss of brightness.

Meridian has also released the DVP2351, a versatile high-definition video processor designed to deliver maximum image quality with powerful digital video processing to get the best out of any input signal, standard or high definition.


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The MF10 uses the latest-generation D-ILA light-engine technology, in a maximum-performance three-chip 1080p array. Based upon an all-new, 0.7-inch DILA device, the MF10’s new optical package delivers a reduction in stray light, producing black levels with a native contrast in excess of 30,000:1 without the use of a servo iris while an exceptionally accurate, 16-element, all-glass lens ensures sharp, fully focused imaging across the entire screen, edge to edge and top to bottom. Its 2x zoom delivers a large, bright image even in smaller environments with curtailed throw-distance dimensions, delivering image size from 60 to 200 inches. Like Meridian’s MF1 projector, the MF10 will feature the optional 2.35:1 (Cinemascop®) conversion kit from lab-quality optics maker Schneider.

The unit includes an extremely low-noise cooling system, with both intake and exhaust located on the front panel, making location close to the rear wall to maximize throw-distance practicable. Lens-shifts of 80 percent horizontal and 34 percent vertical further enhance installation adaptability, while the MF10’s side-access lamp compartment makes lamp replacement simple even for ceiling-mounted installations. The MF10 incorporates powerful DSP for high-performance video processing, including deinterlacing and image scaling, making it a virtually “plug-and-play” solution for high-end, full-HD image reproduction.

For installations requiring a range of fully state-of-the-technology abilities, the MF10’s “pixel-for-pixel” unprocessed mode is tailor made to work in tandem with Meridian’s newest digital video processor, the DVP2351. The DVP2351 provides a full range of inputs including 4 HDMI ultra-high-bandwidth 1080p paths, with flexible switching and a host of input/output aspect ratio options, taking full advantage of its powerful scaling/deinterlacing digital-video processing abilities. Totally programmable, and controllable via infrared or RS-232 communications, the DVP2351 is equally adept optimizing the MF10 projector within an all-Meridian system or in a multibrand layout.

Meridian is offering the MF10 Digital Projector and DVP2351 Digital Video individually. Both models are available now with the MF10 available for a MSRP of USD$14,995 while the DVP2351 processor has a MSRP of $3,995.

For further info visit Meridian.

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