Mimo announces 7-inch iMo Pivot Touchscreen Monitor

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The iMo pivot touch can be used in portrait or landscape mode and can be detached from the stand

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Mimo Monitors has followed on from its road-tough Mimo 710-S “Mobile Slider” USB monitor and the portable Mimo 710 mini monitor with a foray into the current touchscreen monitor war. The iMo Pivot Touch is a USB-based 7" mini-monitor that offers full touchscreen capability for less than US$200.

The iMo Pivot Touch can be detached from its base in order to operate in stand-alone mode and features a fully pivoting ball-and-joint, 800x480 7" LCD screen that has 350cd/m2 brightness and 400:1 contrast ratio.

The unit's single USB 2.0 connection provides both connectivity and power and the on/off switch is incorporated into the USB cable.

The monitor is designed for use with a small laptop or netbook and can be operated in portrait or landscape mode.

The company boasts that the iMo Pivot Touch is the lowest priced touchscreen monitor on the market – you may want to check that claim – but at US$199.99, it seems a fair price to get the latest touchscreen technology and declutter your work space.

View gallery - 7 images

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