People think deeply about everything, even batteries. Comedian Demetri Martin, for example, decided the reason there’s no B-Battery is because it’d sound like you had a stutter asking for one. A group of Korean designers, on the other hand, has decided what the world really needs is a rechargeable nickel hydroxide battery that, thanks to a memory foam casing, can squeeze down to fit any size from AAA to D.

The AtoD Battery is an intriguing concept, but it seems to raise more problems than it actually solves. For a start, the battery would provide the 1.5 volt power equivalent of a AA battery. But how long is that going to last in a torch that needs the capacity of a D-sized battery?


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Also, how strong would your hands have to be to squish something that begins as D-sized down to a AAA-size? And what happens when the memory foam starts reasserting itself and springing off battery covers in the middle of the night?

Since it’s still at concept stage, we may never learn the answers. But it looks cool.

Via Yanko Design .

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