Remember the Ridekick? It’s a little bicycle trailer that carries things like groceries, but that also provides a power boost to the bike towing it, thanks to its integrated electric motor. Well, now there’s a new version of the Ridekick that carries kids, too.

The Ridekick Child Trailer contains a hub motor in one of its two wheels, which is powered by a swappable battery pack located in the back of the trailer. One battery should allow the rider to cover at least 15 miles (24 km) without pedaling, reaching a top speed of 19 mph (30.6 km/h). Of course, most riders would likely use the motor intermittently, relying on their own pedaling power for much of the ride. Recharge time for the battery is about three hours.


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Speed is controlled using a handlebar-mounted throttle. The trailer reportedly works with any bicycle, which is one of the neat things about the system – you have an electric-assist bike when you need one, that converts back to a standard bike simply by unhooking the trailer.

Production funds for the Ridekick Child Trailer are currently being raised on Indiegogo. A pledge/deposit of US$249 will put you in line for a trailer of your own, at the reduced total price of $749. The planned retail price is $899.

The trailer can be seen in use in the video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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