We've been tracking spnKiX motorized skates here at Gizmag since 2010 when they existed as nothing but a concept. Then in 2011, after more than thirty prototypes were rejected, a final version made it onto Kickstarter and the product was successfully funded to the tune of US$120,000. Now spnKiX are available for anyone to buy ... but they're not cheap.

spnKiX strap on skates feature an 85 W wheel motor, are capable of speeds up to 8-mph and have a range of around 6 miles. The onboard Lithium-ion battery takes five hours to charge and lasts for up to 500 cycles. Control is via a handheld wireless remote controller and the skates are listed as being suitable for anyone weighing 180lbs-or-less who wants to take the effort out of very short trips.

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Getting in early on Kickstarter would have netted a pair of the skates for spnKiX for US$375, but as predicted, the actual retail price has now been set much higher - $699. While this does seem expensive for a mode of transport that may get you from A to B but might run out of juice before you reach C, a set of spnKiX could definitely provide an entertaining interlude each day (as seen in the video below).

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