Amongst the sea of carbon fiber and Lycra pants at last week's Cycle Show in London, two products really shone - not for any particular innovation or cutting edge technology... they just shone. Exhibit A is a very stylish custom Ben Wilson Low-rider that's been swathed in over 100,000 Swarovski crystals. Sunglasses were also required when wandering past the stand where a Brompton S2L folding bike had been given the 24ct gold treatment.

The one-off gold bicycle (which has been stripped, plated with copper and then covered in gold) is being offered as a prize by cycle Insurance company iLoveMyBike. Other mods include a jockey shift gear change with a pool ball on top, gold braid cables and stop cock handles instead of plastic fittings. We've stopped asking why at this point.


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The gold bike can be folded and stowed in a suitcase sized bag - the crystal studded Low-rider may not be as easy to hide, and we suspect "its price upon application" would be several times that of the £2,500 cost cited for the gold Brompton.

Being the Choppers of the bicycle world, Low riders exist to be blinged-up in some way or another, but does this go to far? It certainly lends weight to the argument that anything that's stationary for long enough is fair game for a coating of Swarovski crystals. Triumph or travesty? Let us know in the comments section.