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It's a pen, it's a fork, it's a knife, it's... let's just say it's a multitool pen

It's a pen, it's a fork, it's ...
The 13 Function in 1 Pen, with its assortment of tools
The 13 Function in 1 Pen, with its assortment of tools
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The 13 Function in 1 Pen, with its assortment of tools
The 13 Function in 1 Pen, with its assortment of tools

Chances are, you wouldn’t be on this website if you didn’t love gadgets. And one thing that gadget-lovers seem to go especially ga-ga over are multitools, like the Leatherman or the Swiss Army Knife - there’s something very appealing about the idea of one little object that can do all sorts of useful things. Well, for all of those situations where bringing along your pocket-knife-on-steroids might seem like overkill, there’s a new product that can easily clip onto your pocket protector: the 13 Function in 1 Pen.

In its “stealth mode” this product just looks like a longish steel-bodied ballpoint pen. Unscrew the barrel connectors in the middle, however, and a treasure trove of itty-bitty tool ends reveal themselves. Here’s what’s included:

  • writing pen, surprisingly enough
  • hole punch
  • short cutting blade
  • long cutting blade
  • wire sleeve remover/small nail remover
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • flat screwdriver
  • saw blade
  • file blade
  • tweezer
  • fork
  • and... an ear pick

Yeah, an ear pick. Apparently, not everyone agrees with the notion that you should never stick things up your ears... or that gadgets shouldn’t have disgusting tools built into them.
So, do these attachments actually work? According to one review (see below), most of them do, although the saw blade is too flexible to be of much use. Of course with a gizmo like this, you’re going to be using it more for drawing oohs and ahhs at show-and-tell, than for its actual “intended” purpose.

The 13 Function in 1 Pen is available for $US11.95 at Convenient Gadgets & Gifts.

Via InventorSpot

I\'ve had one of these years ago and it is such a *PAIN IN THE BUTT* to use! You open the thing up to get one of the functional pieces out to use and they all spill out. The blades all will snap if you extend them too far, the saws will adequately chop a toothpick in half, and the pointy-jabby things are good for...pointing and jabbing, but that\'s about it! And ear pick? Uh...ok, there goes your ear-drum! Oh well, I hadn\'t had any hearing in that ear since the 1978 Pink Floyd concert! But hey! this thing makes a great gag gift!
I wonder how this would go through airport security?