August 5, 2008 In the spirit of finding any excuse to bling up just about anything, Leatherman are celebrating their 25th anniversary with the release of the Argentum Collection – a line of limited edition leatherman tools hand crafted by silversmith Adrian Pallarols.

The collection is made up of seven different pieces, with the top of the line Charge Dorado displaying ornate Victorian touches and an 18K gold and sterling silver handle featuring the company’s 25th Anniversary crest and Tim Leatherman’s signature. It also includes a display box and certificate of authenticity and is yours for US$40,000.

If that’s a bit steep for your toolbelt the range works its way down to US$240 for the Squirt Lagrima de Luna. While the tools might be a little too special to tackle that malfunctioning toilet cistern, they are fully functional and come with a 25-year warranty.

For further info on the full Argentum line visit Leatherman.

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