Microsoft has a number of hardware announcements ahead of E3 2015, which takes place in Los Angeles next week. The company outed a new version of its current generation console with a higher capacity hard drive, as well an improved controller and a new dongle that will allow PC gamers to make more convenient use of the console controller.

While the 500 GB storage capacity of the launch version of Microsoft's console might sound like plenty of room, many blockbuster games take up big chunks of that space, meaning that sooner or later you'll find yourself deleting titles you haven't booted up for a while.

A new version of the Xbox One, announced today, combats the issue, doubling storage to 1 TB, while switching the top of the system from a glossy fingerprint magnet to a matte plastic finish. In certain regions (including the US), the new version of the console is bundled with a download version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The company has also announced a redesigned controller that features a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack on its base, allowing for compatibility with more headsets without the need for an adapter. That adapter usually carries controls for adjusting volume, switching the mic on and off, and balancing voice and game audio. As it's not a necessary accessory with the new controller, those settings are handled through the console's menu system.

Microsoft has also reportedly tweaked the shoulder bumpers to make them easier to press from any angle, and you no longer have to plug the controller into the console for updates, with everything now handled wirelessly.

Speaking of wireless, the company's final announcement comes in the form of an Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, allowing PC gamers to use Xbox One controllers without having to plug them in with a USB cable.

The new 1 TB Xbox One will ship for US$399 on June 16. The 500 GB model is also getting a permanent price drop to $349 starting today. The new Xbox One controller will be available as a standalone purchase as well as being bundled with the 1 TB version of the console. There's no official word on the new controller's pricing just yet, but we'd expect it to fall in line with the $60 price point of the current controller. The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows will ship for $25 on its own, or $80 with a controller.

You can take a look at the video below for more on the new version of the console.

Source: Microsoft

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