24 carat Gold- and Platinum-leafed Aston Martin DB7

24 carat Gold- and Platinum-le...
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November 17, 2008 Gold leafing vehicles isn’t new - the Egyptians mastered the technique more than 3000 years ago and Tutankhamun’s chariot was decorated with gold leaves. Gold plating your car is however, new and a sure-fire way to differentiate your ride. London-based Alchemist created a unique 24-carat gold and platinum-leafed Aston Martin DB7 for the recent MPH Prestige and Performance Motor Show at London’s Earls Court.

The car, which also features seven diamonds embedded in the bodywork looks a million dollars, but … realistically, where would you park a car that had diamonds embedded in the bodywork.

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Such a pity the colour scheme looks so horrible -- it just follows the panel lines. I've seen better looking designs done by poor teenagers on their Civics who spend their time trying to smoke up their tires in car parks on Friday nights.
What do you buy this car for? It is ugly looking, boastful and in bad taste, besides, the only thing you can expect is getting very mad when it gets scratched.