A new Taser that fires three shots before it needs recharging is soon to be released. Billed by the company as its most innovative handheld electronic control device (ECD) since the Taser X26 was released in 2003, the high-tech Taser X3 can be simultaneously used on multiple targets and boasts a range of additional features including laser sights for both top and bottom probes, improved monitoring and data recording and the ability to survive harsh environments.

Tasers render targets immobile through a powerful electric shot delivered by two probes. The X3 is designed to enable law enforcers to render three targets powerless or, should the officer miss the target, have additional shots available quickly.

“The X3 is more than just a multi-shot Taser device,” says Taser International Vice President of Communications, Steve Tuttle.

    Additional X3 features announced so far include:
  • lasers that can show where the top and bottom probes will hit when fired, and also can adjust laser trajectory to show where the second and third shots will make contact according to the cartridge selected
  • ability to survive harsh environments such as dust, water, salt fog and freezing temperatures
  • monitors, calibrates, records voltage and charge for every NMI (neuromuscular incapacitation) pulse delivered
  • rotates NMI pulses across firing bays to engage multiple targets simultaneously
  • displays warning arcs and gain compliance - even while the X3 is loaded
  • enhanced icons and data
  • a re-engineered safety interlocking design
  • an independent fire control circuitry to prevent static discharge
  • Some Taser models have been used by the public as self-defense weapons and are readily available for purchase in many US states.

    The new Taser X3 will be officially unveiled on 27 July.

    No images of the new Taser have yet been released, but its capabilities can be seen clearly in the video below:

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