A small team of photographers has worked to produce a 365 gigapixel panorama of one of the world's tallest mountains. Shot over 15 days, the result is one of the most stunning composite images we've ever seen.

The panorama is made up of 70,000 individual pictures, taking up a full 46 terabytes of data. It was shot at an altitude of 3,500 m (11,483 ft) above sea level, at a temperature of 10° C (50° F). The team, led by the Italian photographer Filippo Blengini, used a Canon DSLR and lens to take the snaps, combined with a pan-and-tilt head from the German company Clauss.

According to its creators, the effort – known as the in2white project – is designed to let more people experience the majesty of France's Mont Blanc. Zooming and panning through the creation provides a real sense of the sheer scale of the world's 11th tallest mountain, and is more than worth a few minutes of your time.

We've seen some incredible panoramas over the last few years, including 360Cities' stunning views of London and Tokyo. The in2white team's effort is every bit as impressive as those projects, and stands out thanks to its focus on one of nature's most impressive sights.

You can head over to the company's website to see the panorama in all its glory, and check out the video below for a look the making of the composite image.

Source: in2white

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