• NASA has released the first HD, 360-degree panorama from the Perseverance rover's mast-mounted cameras. The composite image is the first of many that the rover will take as it unravels the secrets still harbored by the Red Planet.
  • Last month, NASA declared that the Opportunity mission had come to an end, after the rover succumbed to a dust storm. Now, the final images have been sent back, including a 360-degree panorama of the area around what became its final resting place – a region ironically known as Perseverance Valley.
  • ​Curiosity has had quite a journey since it touched down on Mars in August 2012. From its perch on a ridge partway up Mount Sharp, Curiosity has snapped a panorama of Gale Crater, capturing many of the geological features the rover has explored and investigated over the years.
  • Interactive 360-degree video is becoming increasingly popular, as are cameras that allow everyday folks to shoot it. Linkflow has set out to make the shooting process easier and less obtrusive than ever, with its neckband-format FITT360 camera.
  • ​Back in April, GoPro first teased its upcoming Fusion spherical camera. It shot 360-degree panoramic footage that the viewer could subsequently pan and tilt within. Well, the company has now announced pricing and availability, along with some other details.
  • ​​If you have trouble deciding on the best angle from which to shoot your videos, then you might like what GoPro has in the pipeline. The company's Fusion camera shoots 360-degree panoramic footage that the viewer can subsequently pan and tilt within, to view the action from different perspectives.
  • Some day in the distant future, homesick Mars colonists may take in a view that looks just like the desert rock formations on Earth. A stunning new 360-degree color image taken on Mars by NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity, looks at first glance like it could have been taken in parts of the US southwest.
  • If the window seat doesn't cut it for you when flying, how about a roof seat? The SkyDeck, designed by aerospace engineering firm Windspeed Technologies, will give passengers 360-degree views from a transparent bubble installed on the top of a plane.
  • As of yesterday, Facebook users will begin seeing 360-degree videos in their News Feeds. The firm says the new video format will take the "immersive content" that people like to see in their News Feeds "a step further."
  • After exceeding its funding target on Kickstarter back in 2013, Bublcam suffered several delays. However, the device billed as the world’s first fully spherical consumer camera has now shipped to backers and is available for backorder.
  • ESA has released an interactive panorama that allows the earthbound to take in the interior of the International Space Station (ISS). This first offering allows users to pan around and explore the Columbus space laboratory, which is the agency's single biggest contribution to the ISS.
  • An increasing number of businesses are promoting themselves through Google Street View, allowing potential customers to virtually look around inside their shops. That's why NCTech is launching the iris360 camera, which is designed to let novices get their own photos and upload them to the service.
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