Interactive 360-degree video is becoming increasingly popular, as are cameras that allow everyday folks to shoot it. Samsung-backed startup Linkflow has set out to make the shooting process easier and less obtrusive than ever, with its neckband-format FITT360 camera.

Worn over the clothing, the FITT360 is equipped with three 1080p/30fps cameras – two toward the back, and one in front. Between the three of them, they capture all the action within a 360-degree ring around the wearer. Recordings are started and stopped simply by pressing a single button.

Footage is wirelessly transmitted to the user's smartphone, where an iOS/Android app stitches the shots together to form one panoramic video. Viewers can then pan and tilt within the footage as they watch it, instead of being stuck with a single point of view.

According to Linkflow, the FITT360 is water-resistant, shock-proof, and can record for up to 90 minutes on one charge of its lithium-polymer battery. It additionally has GPS, so it can add coordinates to footage if desired. And hey, it also doubles as a Bluetooth headset for your phone.

If the FITT360 looks familiar, it may be because it was presented as a Samsung concept in 2016. It's now being shown at CES, however, and is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Should you want to get one, a pledge of US$370 is required. If everything works out, shipping should take place in October.

You can click and drag your way through footage shot with the camera, in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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