3D imaging makes digital comeback

3D imaging makes digital comeback
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Thursday November 13, 2003

A camera add-on that enables the creation of 3-D images using any digital camera has been released by Mission3-D in the US. The system uses a sliding attachment to capture left and right eye stereo images and combines them into a single 3-D image using specially developed "Mixer" software.

Images can be viewed on screen or in print using the Red/Cyan 3-D viewing glasses provided with the package. Similar to the glasses worn when viewing IMAX 3-D movies, the package includes a high-quality pair of Photo3-D RC 900 glasses, five hand-held Photo3-D paper viewers and three Photo3-D paper glasses.

The Photo3-D 303 adapter will also work with most 35mm or SLR cameras that have a standard tripod socket and can be attached to the adapter to capture left and right images. Images from film cameras need to be scanned into digital format before they can be used with the software.

To cater for the growing market in tiny digital cameras and camera phones (which don't include the required tripod, the company has plans for an additional accessory that will enable cameras 1.5cm thick or less to be used with the system.

The history of 3-D images began more than 150 years ago when Professor Charles Wheatstone invented an instrument called the stereoscope to prove his thesis that the human brain perceives depth by combining two slightly different images.
The stereoscope became extremely popular by the end of the 19th century and 3-D imaging reached the peak of its popularity in the 1950's when it was used in extensively in film, comic books and still photography following the invention of Kodachrome colour film and the introduction of the Realist stereo camera.

A renewed interest in 3-D photography over the past few years - which includes IMAX films and publishing ventures like Sports Illustrated's 3-D Swimsuit edition released in 2000- coincides with the rise of the digital camera and the versatility this brings to capturing and rendering photographs.

The Photo3-D 303 Kit costs US$129 and includes the Photo3-D 303 attachment, Photo3-D Mixer software, mini-handheld pistol grip tripod, 1 pair of Photo3-D glasses, 5 hand-held Photo3-D paper viewers and 3 Photo3-D paper glasses.

Visit the site for further information.

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