If you can imagine a child safety seat that has its own smartphone app and a car seat that virtually installs itself, then you can see into the future. About six months into the future, to be exact. The latest product from 4moms is coming in June this year and that's exactly what it is.

It's hard to imagine that we've gone from bouncing recklessly on the back bench of mom's wagon (seatbelts? what are those?) to computerized, automated safety seats with five point harnesses. The self-installing car seat uses a combination of robotics, advanced sensors, and connectivity to a smartphone app to ensure a perfect installation in the car and to keep parents informed of the seat's condition at all times.

The 4moms child safety seat is designed mainly for infants and young toddlers. The installation process begins with the seat's base being installed in the car. The base simply clicks into the LATCH system that all late model cars have included (by mandate) in their rear seating.

The app then takes over, checking the LATCH connections, leveling the base, and cinching it tightly into place. Periodically, it continues to check level and connections until the seat is removed, a process that requires only the press of a button.

The self-leveling process of the 4moms car seat can account for a vehicle that is not parked on a level surface and the app can read the vehicle's identification number (VIN) and recommend specific setup procedures for that make and model. The app also uses the seat's sensors to check on the baby's growth and size changes in order to alert parents when the child is becoming too large for the infant seat.

The 4moms self-installing car seat will be on the market in June at a retail price of $499.99. The video below introduces the device.

Source: 4moms

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