Local paper the Tribeca Citizen was among those to report that the construction of New York's 56 Leonard Street, apparently increasingly known as the Jenga Building, a forthcoming luxury residential skyscraper, recommenced earlier this month.

The Citizen reports that the latest design, largely unchanged from the 2006 vision, will stand 57 stories and 830 feet (253 meters) tall which, though modest by New York's standards, will make it stand out from the comparatively low-rise crowd of the Tribeca neighborhood's loft buildings.

The origin of the Jenga Building pseudonym is plain to see. The building's numerous jutting, cantilevered floors will play home to around 145 apartments including 10 penthouses.

Architect Herzog & De Meuron claims each of the 145 will be unique (so take pity on those responsible for the interior detail design: cutting and pasting will be out of the question, by the sounds).

Clearly, the cantilevered arrangement will pose construction challenges, and the Citizen reports that 56 Leonard Street will not be completed until late Q1 or Q2 of 2016.

The Citizen further states that a metallic blob-like sculpture by Anish Kapoor that was to have been located beneath the building at ground level, may now have been excluded from the design.

Images courtesy Herzog & De Meuron

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