Billionaires in the market for a new LA pad may be interested to know that the recently-completed 924 Bel Air Road is up for sale for a cool US$250 million. Designed to serve as the ultimate in luxury digs for the one percent, the "mega-mansion" includes a theater, bowling lane, art collection, and a private car showroom stocked with high end cars and motorbikes.

As its name suggests, the property is located in the ultra-exclusive Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles and comprises a total floorspace of 38,000 sq ft (3,530 sq m), spread over four levels. This is split between a couple of master suites, 10 VIP guest suites, 21 bathrooms, and three gourmet kitchens. The home also features deck areas and boasts 270-degree unobstructed views of the LA area.

You get quite a lot of goodies for a quarter of a billion dollars, including a massage studio and wellness spa, a fitness center, and a 85 ft (26 m)-long glass tiled swimming pool. On the entertainment side, there are five bars, a 40-seat 4K Dolby Atmos Theater, a four-lane bowling alley and lounge, an outdoor hydraulic pop-up theater, and multiple foosball tables.

The property also includes a private car showroom stocked with high-end cars and motorbikes that are valued at over $30 million. A huge candy wall is installed, plus a couple of well-stocked champagne and wine cellars. The house has a high-end home tech system and you'll need a full-time staff of seven to run the place.

Inside, the decor includes hand-cut stone and marble, and a collection of 100 art installations. These include Gale Hart-designed chrome sculptures, Lamborghini wall clocks, vintage gas cans and fire extinguishers, a pair of Rock Royalty Custom guitars, and a deactivated Bell 22A helicopter used in the TV series Airwolf.

924 Bel Air Road is being promoted as the USA's most expensive house ever listed for sale – a claim that appears to check out – and is developed by luxury developer Bruce Makowsky. It took a crew of 250 people a total of four years to build.

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