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A Sony PlayStation 2 Controller with a built in keyboard

A Sony PlayStation 2 Controller with a built in keyboard
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Now PS2 players can chat and program commands directly from the controller while playing online games. Nyko Technologies' new iType2 PS2 controller has a miniature keyboard built directly into the pad and allows players to chat, share information and type messages to other players with no interruptions in gameplay.

Interaction with other gamers will now be seamless, and not interrupt the flow of play in games which rely on typing for communication.

Nyko's iType2 is perfect for games such as EverQuest: Online Adventures Frontiers which focus on multi-player interaction as an integral part of gameplay. The iType2's mini-keyboard design allows players to type messages and commands without slowing down or losing control of the action onscreen, and the familiar PlayStation 2 analog buttons and joystick controls offer the same precision gameplay PlayStation 2 players are accustomed to. The iType2 sells for US$39.99.

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