Changing parameters on a floor-based stomp while playing a song on stage or in the studio is tricky. Aalberg Audio's first effects pedal announced last year aimed to bring some setting-switching ease to the process by allowing players to wirelessly control parameters using a little box that could be attached to a guitar strap or belt. Even though the Ekko and Aero double act is still to be released, the company has already announced two new additions to the family ... the Rom and Trym.

Though the Ekko and Aero Indiegogo campaign ended in October last year without securing nearly enough crowdfunding support to take the project into production, the company decided to refund all backers and go ahead anyway. Before introducing the new pedals, a quick recap on the system and how it works.

The Ekko is described as a semi-analog delay effects pedal with up to 10 seconds of delay time available to the player, as well as level and feedback controls. It can be placed in the pedal chain and behave like pretty much any other mains-powered floor stomp, or its parameters can be controlled over Bluetooth LE with the help of a little box called the Aero.

The 37 g (1.3 oz) Aero has a wireless range of up to 30 m (98 ft) and can be used to store presets and set tap tempo, as well as adjust stomp settings. The unit is home to a rotary knob, three presets, preview and next buttons and pedal bypass. It's battery powered and offers up to 30 hours of up time between charges, and comes with a clip for attaching the device to a guitar strap or belt is included, or it can be affixed to a guitar with a velcro strip.

The Ekko delay stomp and Aero Bluetooth controller are currently up for pre-order at US$399 for one of each, with an estimated delivery date set for May 2015.

Though Aalberg hasn't released detailed specs on the two new stomps as yet, we can tell you that the Rom RO-1 reverb and the Trym TR-1 tremolo pedals will come in a cool aluminum housing and both be compatible for use with the Aero wireless controller. Like the Ekko, they'll feature illuminated level indicators above each parameter adjustment knob, with pre-delay, mix and size settings controls available on the Rom and speed, shape and depth control on the Trym.

High quality 24-bit/48 kHz audio resolution is assured, there are stereo in/out options and true bypass to cut the effect right out of the signal chain if desired. An on/off footswitch sits up top and there's another to switch between active parameters for wireless control or to set the tap tempo. Aalberg is also planning to add smart device control via a mobile app, though no details have been forthcoming at this point.

The company will be showing off the new additions at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany, next month. In the meantime, have a look at the short promo video below.

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