Acer K10 Pico-Projector with LED technology

Acer K10 Pico-Projector with LED technology
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March 3, 2009 Acer today showed its new K10 pico-projector, the first Acer projector to use LED lamp technology. Weighing a fraction over half a kilogram (0.55 kg / 1.21 lbs.) and measuring just 127x122 mm, the K10 pico-projector is one of the smallest and lightest projectors on the market today, making it the ideal companion for mobile users. While all Acer projectors are based on DLP, a technology that offers enhanced contrast, sharpness and image vividness, the new K10 pico-projector combines DLP technology with LED lamp technology, taking picture quality to a new level.

LED technology offers several benefits over traditional lamps. First of all, lamp replacement is virtually unnecessary as LED lifetime lasts up to 20,000 hours; plus, there are no breakable filaments or tubes, increasing durability. As a result the K10 pico-projector ensures exceptional reliability and great savings. Combined with DLP, LED lamp technology delivers better color saturation and contrast performance.

Finally, and of particular interest to Acer’s continued drive to offer greener, more environmentally friendly products, LED lamp technology does not contain hazardous substances such as mercury or halogen gases and compared to a traditional lamp can reduce power consumption up to 30%. The auto-shutdown feature helps reduce electricity consumption and save costs by shutting down the projector after a user-defined period without reception of any input signal. The K10 pico-projector also adds practicality to Acer Notebook users, since their Acer Notebook power adapter may also be used for the projector.

Despite its compact size, the K10 pico-projector offers great performance. The tiny projector provides 100 ANSI Lumens for clear and detailed images up to 60 inches diagonal while a contrast ratio of 1000:1 ensures crystal clear, vibrant projections. On top, the Acer SmartFormat technology ensures support for both 4:3 displays and widescreens and takes away any worry users may have of having to adjust the resolution of their wide-format notebook.

Support for manual (up to 40 degrees vertical) and auto Keystone correction tweaks the pointing up or pointing down effect, so that the audience can view a rectangular image rather than a trapezoidal one and makes the K10 pico-projector the ideal projector for smaller environments.

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