At IFA 2018 today, Acer unveiled the new Predator Triton 900 gaming laptop, with an articulating 4K screen so you can bring the action closer, and an update to its AeroBlade cooling system that's inspired by owls in flight.

Very little has been revealed about what makes the latest Triton gaming laptop tick, other than the display will be powered by Nvidia G-Sync graphics (though we can expect Intel's latest Core processors to provide processing power). The focus of today's press conference was the sturdy CNC-machined hinge mechanism and the latest iteration of Acer's AeroBlade cooling technology.

As well as being able to dock the 17-inch touchscreen display to the top of the keyboard, the Ezel arms of the new hinge also allow the screen to be rotated all the way around to show content to a friend sitting opposite.

For the fourth generation of its AeroBlade cooling system – AeroBlade 3D – Acer's engineers were inspired by owl flight. By mimicking the wing tips of owls for its serrated edge fan blades, and adding winglets, Acer says it's managed to increase airflow by 10 percent over the previous generation while minimizing noise.

The only other aspect of the new Triton to get a mention today was the low profile RGB backlit keyboard, which has a touchscreen trackpad next to it that can also be set as a number pad.

The Triton 900 is on display at Acer's booth at IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany, but you won't be able to get too close, as it's kept well away from prying fingers inside a transparent box.

Source: Acer

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