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Acoustic Art
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The magnificent handcrafted Tiresse horn speaker system makes a big statement through size, shape and sound. Almost 2 metres high and weighing 40kg, the M8 model (pictured) utilises the acoustic properties of a 3.5 metre long horn integrated into its unique, clef-like design. Handcrafted in Sydney by hOrnZacoustics, each pair contains over 200 individual pieces and takes 300 hours over 3 months to build. The shell is crafted from four types of selected plywood and cork and natural plant and wood oils are used to create the finish to ensure that the M8 ages in style. The concept of using a horn to transmit sound has been around since the Bronze Age and there is a great deal of mathematics behind getting it right - a properly constructed horn delivers high sound pressure levels with minimal distortion and is sensitive enough to reproduce nuances in the music that can't be heard through cone speakers. The Tiresse system uses an exponential horn shape and produces pure, crystal clear sound at both ends of the volume range as demonstrated at the recent CES show.

An investment in art as well as acoustic excellence, Tiresse speakers are made to order and cost AUS$40,000 per pair. And if the M8 model doesn't make the required impact, it also has a big sister - the massive 4.2 metre high M88 which produces a deeper and louder sound. For more information phone +61 (0)2 9144 1909.

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