Over the years, we've gotten pretty used to glasses with photochromic lenses, which automatically darken when exposed to bright light. This Wednesday, however, Johnson & Johnson Vision announced the upcoming availability of its self-tinting contact lenses.

Developed in partnership with Transitions Optical, the contacts are known as Acuvue Oasys With Transitions. They'll still correct vision problems just like normal prescription contacts, but will also "quickly and seamlessly adjust from clear to dark in response to changing light conditions," filtering blue light and blocking UV rays.

That said, Johnson & Johnson does stress that they aren't intended to be a replacement for sunglasses, as they don't cover the entire eye.

According to the company, the lenses have been in development for over a decade, and have been the subject of numerous clinical trials involving over 1,000 people. Now, they've achieved clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for the attenuation of bright light.

The two-week reusable Acuvue Oasys With Transitions contacts should be commercially available in the first half of next year.