Adding custom telemetry data like speed, lap times, direction and altitude to racing and action videos will now be easier for owners of 360fly cameras. The company has formed a partnership with Race Render that will allow users to place informative overlays on their videos without extensive post-production work.

To take advantage of the new partnership, users need to start with a 360fly 4K camera which captures 360-degree video and data at the same time using the camera's built-in e-compass, GPS, and gyroscope and accelerometer chips. A 360fly app for both iOS and Android devices captures the information for the subject matter being shot.

When a shoot is completed, users download the RaceRender software onto a computer that has either a Mac or Windows operating system, upload the video to the computer and start using the software to add graphic overlays to convey the pertinent telemetry data.

Once the video is completed using RaceRender, it can be shared on a variety of social channels, including Facebook and YouTube. The telemetry data, which can be displayed in a variety of styles, adds an even greater degree of realism to action footage like car and motorcycle racing, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking and even drone flights.

The RaceRender software is available in a tiered pricing structure ranging from no cost for the first three minutes of output video to US$49.95 for an unlimited amount. 360fly 4K cameras are available on the company's website for $499.

Take a look at the following videos to get an idea of what the telemetry data display looks like on different types of action footage.

Source: 360fly

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