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Adhesive Gift Wrap for a busy lifestyle

Adhesive Gift Wrap for a busy lifestyle
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March 24, 2008 Self-adhesive Gift Wrap was announced today by Hallmark , a first-of-its-kind product coated on one side with a low-tack adhesive formulated by Hallmark, which sticks firmly to packages, creating a beautifully-wrapped gift with a cleaner presentation, and apparently, a lot less fuss. Essentially, if you can operate a sticky note, you can wrap like a pro with Adhesive Gift Wrap. Apart from the saving of time, we’re told that ribbons aren’t required. We know it all sounds a bit devoid of the joy-of-giving ethos, so scoff if you must, but the exclusive Hallmark Adhesive Gift Wrap is the result of requests from consumers who want the act of gift wrapping to be more convenient for their busy lifestyles.

“We’ve often heard from our consumers that they prefer giving and receiving hand-wrapped gifts. They perceive wrapped gifts to have a great value, especially for children. But we also hear them saying they’re strapped for time and feel like grabbing a gift bag is their only option,” said Hallmark Product Manager Susan Klopfenstein. “So we invented Adhesive Gift Wrap to help people easily hand-wrap a gift without sacrificing a professional look.”

Hallmark, the company credited with founding the modern-day gift wrap industry, has a provisional patent on the product’s low-tack adhesion, which is sticky enough to create clean lines and crisp folds without leaving any residue on the gift. There is no backing to peel off, so Adhesive Gift Wrap sticks to itself when rolled up, making storage simple.

There are currently 14 different Adhesive Gift Wrap designs, including designs for baby, weddings and kids, as well as everyday designs. New Adhesive Gift Wrap is available exclusively at Hallmark Gold Crown stores in the United States. The suggested retail price is US$5 per roll.

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