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December 15, 2006 Early adopters of Intel Macs have been suffering a painful wait for Universal Binary versions of Adobe software - left no choice but to soldier on using Rosetta, and suffering with horsepower straight out of the archaic G4 era as a result. Adobe have finally announced the pending release of the Photoshop CS3 Beta, and thankfully, the fun isn't all for Intel Mac users.

A preview release of Adobe Device Central, which provides tools that aid the development of content for mobile devices, is included and integrated into the Photoshop beta - and with mobile adoption continuing to flourish, users will no doubt appreciate some light being shed on this relatively black art.

The beta will be available to registered users of Adobe Photoshop CS2, Creative Suite 2, Creative Suite Production Studio, Design Bundle, Web Bundle or Video Bundle, and will expire once Photoshop CS3 hits shelves in Q2, 2007.

Interested users who qualify will be able to download the beta from Adobe Labs.

via MacRumors

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