Portable document scanners are bulky, and mobile apps generally struggle to capture all the detail in documents written by hand. Adobe has tried to solve both those problems with Scan, a mobile app that delivers crystal clear scans on the fly.

The Scan application is simple to use. Hold your phone or tablet camera over the document you want to capture, and it will automatically work out what needs scanning. It then delivers a preview, and gives you the option to edit or save the document as a PDF.

The app uses its built-in optical character recognition to make the text on the page editable. It will also share the final scan with the user's Adobe Document Cloud, making them easier to share or access on your computer or tablet later on.

We downloaded the app, and can report it works as advertised. It does a good job of working out what needs scanning, and the end result was nice and clear.

The Adobe Scan app is currently on the iOS and Android app stores for free.

Source: Adobe