Imagine having the storage of a fishing vest that you can customize for all types of activities – hunting, hiking, photography, motorcycling, etc. Advantac is about to bring just such a type of vest over to the consumer market. The ModMission vest uses integrated mounts and customizable storage modules to let you customize the carry capacity to suit the situation.

The ModMission vest comes outfitted with Advantac’s patented SnapTrack system that features a variety of elastomer mounting tracks. Originally developed for the U.S. Air Force and now on its way to the outdoor consumer market, SnapTrack is a simple attachment system that allows users to configure pockets and gear-carrying modules in a nearly unlimited number of ways.

Each pocket has a compatible insert on its back that slides and snaps into place on the desired vest track. To remove a pocket, all you have to do is unlock the tab and slide it off. You can completely reconfigure a vest within a matter of minutes.

Thanks to its original military application, SnapTrack-equipped vests have passed 600 knot windblast testing, parachute bailout testing and ejection seat sled testing. In other words, don't expect them to fly off in a wind gust.

Advantac showed the ModMission vest at the recent Outdoor Retailer trade show, and the consumer version is still in the prototype stages of development. The company is tweaking the specific module options that will be available upon launch, but it mentions things like GPS pockets, hydration pockets, flashlight pockets and tackle pockets. It envisions selling ModMission hardware both directly to consumers and to manufacturers that can incorporate SnapTrack into their own outerwear and gear.

Advantac plans to show its next ModMission prototypes at the SHOT Show in January, 2013 and hopes to get the system to market by the third quarter of 2013. Estimated pricing is US$100 for the vest plus one or two pockets. From there, you'll be able to purchase additional pockets and pouches to build a custom vest for your particular needs.

Source: Advantac

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