Adzookie's "Paint my house" scheme is an innovative – if unsubtle – approach to advertising that brings new meaning to the notion of having loud neighbors. In return for painting an entire US home with a billboard-sized advert, Adzookie will pay the home-owner's mortgage for the three-month period the house is contracted to remain painted, with the option to extend the contract for up to a year. The entire exterior is painted excepting the roof, and if the contract is canceled by Adzookie or the home-owner during the contract period they will paint the house back to its original colors. CEO Romeo Mendoza had the idea when driving past houses sign-posted "Bank-owned." Feeling sorry for the owners he pondered a way to help and struck on the idea of paying people to paint their homes with adverts. Adzookie, a free mobile advertising company, is known for its direct advertising approach so this initiative makes sense to them.

"Promoting our business in a way that's outrageous and fun just make sense," says Mendoza.