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Ergorapido 2in1 – the pregnant battery-powered vacuum cleaner

Ergorapido 2in1 – the pregnant battery-powered vacuum cleaner
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No, it's not really a pregnant vacuum cleaner, it's the latest AEG Ergorapido 2 in 1 – a battery-operated vacuum with a hand-held mini-vacuum in the handle that home appliance manufacturer AEG is showing at this year’s IFA in Berlin. The pick-of-the-litter is the EUR 210 (USD$300) Ergorapido plus which has an 18-volt lithium ion rechargeable battery and outperforms its sister models by 20%, enabling around 30 minutes of cleaning.

Ergorapido AG901, 902, 903 and 905

The sophisticated design of the battery-operated vacuum cleaners with their innovative cyclone technology attracts buyers, but so does the interior: swirling the dust particles keeps the filter free for longer and the suction power at a consistently high level. With the 12-volt rechargeable battery, 80 square meters can easily be vacuumed, depending on the power setting chosen, without any cable getting tangled. This is equivalent to around 20 minutes of vacuum cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner has a choice of two power settings. The motor-driven floor nozzle is particularly maneuverable since it can be moved in virtually any direction without any effort thanks to the fact that it is double-jointed. The new models are equipped with a front LED light on the floor nozzle as a special extra feature. This means that dust & co. hardly stand a chance, even in dark corners. The Ergorapido cleans quietly and thoroughly even in the evening, never disturbing the neighbors. The vacuum cleaner comes with a patented front cover so that the dust box can be emptied quickly and it also has an anti-skid brake. The loading station can be placed so that it stands alone or it can be mounted on the wall.

This gem of a vacuum cleaner will be available from September in the colors steel (AG901), pistachio (AG903), cassis (AG902) and lemon (AG905). The RRP for each model is EUR 159.95 (USD$227).

Ergorapido plus AG904X

The exceptional power, endurance and durability of the practical helper were enhanced even more for the Ergorapido plus with an 18-volt lithium ion rechargeable battery. The Ergorapido plus hence outperforms its sister models by 20% and floors can be powerfully cleaned for about 30 minutes. The copper-colored design of the popular helper is also recharged much quicker and generates a higher maximum vacuum to enhance its suction performance. It also operates with a front LED light and its two power settings operate extremely quietly. Other obligatory features: a reliable anti-skid brake, a dust box that is easily emptied and a freely placeable loading station.

The Ergopradio plus AG 904X will be available in retail stores for an RRP of EUR 209.95 (USD$ 300) from November.

View gallery - 23 images
1 comment
1 comment
David Wissman
How is this any different than the Electrolux Ergorapido that I have owned for about 5 months that cost $100usd?