Aerobic Training Device Allows Skiers to train all year

Aerobic Training Device Allows Skiers to train all year
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January 16, 2005 Skier's Edgenow builds a range of non-impact lateral aerobic trainers designed to improve skiing ability, lateral strength, agility, balance, endurance and overall fitness. Suitable for everyone from the novice to the most seasoned skier, the side-to-side conditioning will help take skiing abilities to the next level. The Skier's Edge Big Mountain Series will also help skiers maintain their fitness level in the off-season by specifically improving endurance and technical skiing ability.

The machines not only keep skiing-specific muscles in shape all year long, but can also help to achieve weight loss and sports performance goals.

The slope and height of the machine gives a range of motion that creates a feeling similar to alpine skiing. The non-impact exercise simulates skiing through moguls or deep powder while burning 1,220 - 1,350 calories an hour and improving leg strength and endurance.

Initially supplying the U.S. Ski Team, the Skier's Edge Company has become the exclusive official supplier to the world's best ski teams. The Skier's Edge is also used as a training and conditioning machine throughout the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA; at major universities, sports medicine clinics and rehab centers; and by skiers of all ages and abilities around the world

Starting at around US$900, see the Skier's Edge web site for more details

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