Whether you're a commuter or a long-distance tourist, it can sometimes be tricky trying to outfit your bike with multiple racks and panniers. New Zealand-based company Aeroe is attempting to make things simpler, with its modular BikePack system.

BikePack includes the buyer's choice of four aluminum mounts, which are attached via adjustable straps and elastomer pads to the handlebars, fork (including suspension forks), seat post and/or seat stays (or the equivalent of the seat stays, on a full-suspension mountain bike's rear swingarm).

Each mount can in turn be equipped with at least one bayonet-style mounting mechanism.

Once the mounts are on the bike, users are then able to attach a series of hard-backed waterproof nylon bags to their mechanisms, click-twisting the bags 360 degrees in order to ensure optimum positioning. When it's time to get at what's inside of those bags, they can be removed from the mounts simply by pulling their built-in quick-release tab.

The bags are being made in 9, 11 and 14-liter capacities.

Should you be interested in the BikePack setup, it's currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Backers can mix and match the components they want, with pledges starting at a minimum of NZ$60 (about US$42) – there's a table at the link below, for figuring out the cost of various combos.

Assuming BikePack reaches production, units should be shipped to backers in November. The system is demonstrated in the following video.

Source: Kickstarter

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