If you’re rich, you fly in a small private jet. If you’re a head of state, however, you might opt for your own 747. Nine such customers have already done so, each purchasing a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 747-8 from Boeing. Yesterday, the company delivered the first BBJ 747-8 to sport a new optional extra – an eight-person sleeping area, called the Aeroloft.

The Aeroloft was designed specifically for the aircraft, by Washington state-based Greenpoint Technologies. Installed in the “upstairs” of the plane, between the existing upper deck and the tail, it features eight private sleeping berths and a changing area.

It adds an extra 393 square feet (36.5 square meters) of cabin space to the stock BBJ 747-8, bringing its total up to 5,179 square feet (481.2 square meters).

The aircraft that was delivered yesterday went to an undisclosed client, and should enter service in 2014. Two more Aeroloft-equipped BBJ 747-8s are scheduled for delivery this year.

Source: Boeing

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