The Aeroyacht 110has been dubbed “the world’s most innovative super catamaran” by its designers and, while that’s a pretty big claim, it’s certainly an audacious concept. Capable of speeds of over 32 knots but able to cruise effortlessly at 20, boasting a superbly-appointed 32ft wide salon with 360º sea views and with its own fold-up amphibious plane as a tender, the Aeroyacht 110 looks to be the ne plus ultra of luxury sailing.

Designed from scratch by Gregor Tarjan, founder of Aeroyacht International, together with naval architect Pete Melvin, of the world-renowned Morrelli & Melvin multihull architects, the Aeroyacht 110 was designed from the outside-in. Tarjan started with the concept for a “pure sailing machine” and, once its streamlined shape was established, only then worked out how many people it could and should accommodate.

Much of the innovation is readily apparent in the technical specifications of the exterior. The hulls are a, literally, bullet-proof combination of Kevlar and carbon. They are double chined – with several flat planes meeting rather than the rounded bottom of traditional boat hulls – for better stability, performance and appearance. But these chines are also “soft”, or somewhat rounded, to minimize water resistance.

Reverse bows, whereby the base thrusts forward rather than rakes back, provide more efficient wave-piercing and much less of the pitch usual in big catamarans. Assymetric dagger boards enable the yacht to sail very close to the wind and slip sideways without tripping. However, because they are also retractable, the yacht’s draught can be minimized to access the best anchorages.

And there are a number of other pleasing innovations to the exterior: a low-profile semi-fly bridge; competition sail rig designed by world specialist Paul “Whirly” Van Dyke; hatch modules that allow air intake and exhaust while keeping a totally flush deck; and 450 square feet of integrated solar panels.

But, frankly, it’s the interior that’s going to attract the people who can afford a boat like this, and the Aeroyacht 110 certainly doesn’t skimp.

Conceived by French interior designer Vincent Duchatelet, the open-plan main cabin is quite spectacular, and probably better-appointed than most apartments. It features two bars, dining room for ten, huge u-shaped lounge, 65” plasma television and LED lighting. There’s a forward loggia sundeck which has been designed as paparazzi-proof, for the very famous. There are three double cabins, each with its own en-suite and crew accommodation for four.

Plus, if you really want it all, you can replace the 16 foot dinghy with a two-seater Icon A5 amphibian sports plane, which is launched from the davit at the back.

This spectacular sailing machine is yet to be seen in real, but the company has selected a number of preferred ship-builders and says a Russian prospect is ready to go. Construction would take about two years and cost, well, if you have to ask...

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