Photographers normally have to choose between having their camera protected from the elements, or being ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. Having recently exceeded its Kickstarter target, the Agua is a storm-proof quick-draw camera carrier which aims to change that by boasting IPX3-standard water-resistance and also doubling up as a carry strap.

The Agua has been created by the same team which previously launched the crowd-funded Miggo (strap and carrier) and aims to offer similar quick-draw functionality, but in an any-weather package. As such the storm-proof carrier will have an IPX3 rating, which means it would protect gear in any kind of rain, and has been tested against water spraying at 10 liters per minute for five minutes. However, it's not waterproof, so you won't want to take it swimming.

When on duty as a camera carrier, the Agua is worn like a typical shoulder bag/holster, with a zip offering quick access to the camera through the double-layered construction consisting of a waterproof tarpaulin outer and a padded inner layer of Neoprene and Lycra. This offers water resistance along with protection against impact, while at the front of the carrier there's a rigid padded lens protector.

Inside, a strap attaches the camera to the bag to prevent it from falling, but can be easily disconnected using a quick-release buckle. The main quick-adjusting strap on the carrier, which can be adjusted with one hand thanks to a quick-adjust buckle, can also be repurposed as a standard camera strap using the supplied connectors for those times you don't need to use the carrier for protection.

The Agua will come in three different sizes to suit different types of camera. The Agua 25 is designed for mirrorless or compact cameras, while the Agua 35 will accommodate medium-sized DSLRs like the Nikon D5500 and large bridge cameras. If you carry a large professional DSLR, such as a Canon 5DS you'll want the bigger Agua 45.

Kickstarter pledge levels of US$55 for an Agua for mirrorless cameras, $60 for one that fits medium-sized DSLRs, and $65 if you use a large DSLR, are currently available. Funding has already more than tripled the target figure and the project will run to June 30. Should everything go to plan the Agua should start shipping in November.

You can check out the Kickstarter video for the Agua below.

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