Italian helmet maker AGV has unveiled a new motorcycle helmet visor that can darken or lighten in less than a second. Eloquently named AGVisor, it realizes its swift tinting effect via a thin liquid crystal (LCD) layer powered by a small rechargeable battery and operated by a glove-friendly button located at the bottom left side of the visor.

AGVisor promises instant adaptability to lighting conditions

According to AGV, the fully charged visor can sustain a dark tint for 12 consecutive hours, which is probably more than most people will ride in one day and, unless you're touring the in the Arctic Circle in summertime, covers the average duration of daylight in most places anyway.

The battery is housed in a small controller box underneath the power switch and requires two hours for a complete recharge. A fail-safe security system is in place to ensure that the visor will remain in clear mode after its power source has been depleted or in case of malfunction.

The new LCD visor from AGV is available for the Pista GP, Corsa and GT Veloce (pictured) models

The 3 mm thick AGVisor also doubles as an anti-fog insert. It is equipped with a patented visor lock system to prevent it from opening as an unwanted result of aerodynamic pressure.

The new hi-tech visor is set for a commercial release this month and is designed to fit the Pista GP, Corsa and GT Veloce helmets. European pricing is reportedly around €200. There's no news as yet as to when it might land in the US.

Source: AGV

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