Aiptek is about to release a 3D camcorder and a suitably stereoscopic photo frame display which don't require the user to wear any special glasses. The camcorder can take 5 megapixel still images or 720p HD video with its two fixed lenses and sports a 3D live view screen. The 8-inch digital photo frame can show off still or video images in either 3D or standard 2D and will play MP3 audio files while a user views a slide show or movie.

Aiptek's new DDD11X 3D camcorder features dual 5MP high definition CMOS image sensors and fixed lenses with 4x digital zoom. It's capable of shooting both 720p 3D video and of capturing 3D photographs in 4:3 aspect.

The 2.4 inch Live View display uses parallax barrier technology to enable real-time viewing of exactly what the 3D moment looks like. The pocket-sized 4.6 x 2.8 x 0.9 inch camcorder is shipped with software that can convert stereoscopic stills and videos captured using the camcorder into 3D "Anaglyph" format, which allows users to pick up any old pair of red/blue glasses and view the content on standard monitors or TVs.

If you'd rather view all those 3D images on a digital photo frame then Aiptek's APF21X Portable 3D Display can help. Its 8-inch, 800 x 600 resolution parallax LCD display means that users can view 3D photographic and video images without the need for cumbersome glasses (which isn't to say the results will be as good as 3D content designed to be viewed with glasses).

The unit can handle 3D photographic images in Side by Side JPEG format up to 16 MP and will play MPEG H.264 Side by Side 720p video at 30 frames per second. Two dimensional images can also be displayed on the device and there's clock and calendar functionality too. Naturally MP3 audio also features for that all important musical soundtrack during playback and connectivity is taken care of by SD/SDHC and USB 2.0 slots.

Both devices carry a manufacturer's recommended retail price of US$229.99 a piece and are available now for pre-order with a likely release in August.

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