A few years ago the selfie drone was a fascinating novelty and AirSelfie's eponymous drone was one of the more interesting iterations on the idea. Now the company has released its newest design, the Air Pix, which is cheaper than its predecessors and incorporates a fully autonomous mode allowing you to simply push a button and let the drone take care of the rest.

Back around 2015 selfie drones were popping up all over the place. A bunch of different designs offered up a variety of takes on the idea, however, in 2019 the novelty appears to have worn off and it seems most people are happy with a good old selfie stick. AirSelfie has continued to work on the idea, though, and its latest design certainly seems to have solved a lot of problems present in earlier versions.

The Air Pix is certainly not the smallest selfie drone on the market, measuring 4.01 x 3.34 x 0.51 in (10.1 x 8.4 x 1.2 cm), but its other specs are solid. It packs a 12-megapixel camera that can also shoot 1080p video at 30 fps. It also comes with a smartphone app allowing for direct live streaming to Facebook and proprietary photo editing software.

Perhaps the biggest improvement on past iterations is the drone's autonomous mode. Where both generations of the AirSelfie needed to be manually piloted through a smartphone app, a single push of a button directs the Air Pix to take off, move a few feet away, find your face, and take a number of photos automatically.

Alongside this is another feature called SYNControl, which lets the drone be piloted without a smartphone connection using simple physical gestures. A single charge allows for around six minutes of flight time (double that of its predecessors), while an optional powerbank lets you charge up the device whenever it is slipped back into a docking sleeve.

It's undeniably a solid set of improvements over the company's previous efforts, and it also hits a much better price point that earlier iterations. While other models have sat around the US$200 mark, the Air Pix is launching with early bird orders at $79, and two-packs at $145. If it all works as advertised then it undoubtedly is one of the better selfie drones out there on the market, that is, for anyone still on the market for a selfie drone.

Shipping is estimated to begin around August this year, which is a reasonable proposition considering the company has a decent history at producing these kinds of devices.

Take a look at the crowdfunding campaign video below.

Source: AirSelfie

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