You don't need a big place to stay for a city break, but you do need all the essentials. An apartment in Budapest, Hungary, squeezes them all into just 30 sq m (323 sq ft). AirBn'P has a meticulous design, a multifunctional bed/storage unit and other space-saving storage solutions.

The apartment is comparable in size (give or take) to the likes of the 30m2 Flat in Paris and 5:1 Apartment in New York. Project architect Position Collective says its intention was to "create a light and highly customizable space, with maximum comfort for a short stay."

A large window at one end of the apartment allows plenty of natural light in, while pale fixtures and fittings help to keep it bright. The apartment has two rooms. The larger, main room is used as a combined kitchen, living space and bedroom, as well as leading out to a balcony. The second, smaller room is a compact bathroom with modern outfitting and an opaque window to allow some natural light in.

The key feature of the main room is the bed/storage unit. Constructed out of plywood, it raises the bed high up to be level with the adjacent kitchen units. This creates plenty of storage space below, which takes the form of drawers, cubbyholes and cupboards. The drawers double as a small staircase leading up to the bed and the top step also acts as a bedside table. A net between the bed and the kitchen provides a visual partition between the spaces and could be used as a place to hang photos.

The length of the wall along the side of the bed and the kitchen units has a grid of holes into which wooden pegs can be slotted to then hold shelves. This simple idea means that the shelves can be moved around easily and more shelves added as required. It provides additional storage space that is easily accessible from both the bed and the kitchen area.

The kitchen units themselves are short in length, but still have space for a sink, a small hob and a preparation area. There is more storage space inside the units and the pegged shelving makes it easy to see where utensils and kitchenware are at a glance.

On the opposite wall, a frame attached to the wall acts as both a shelf and a place to hang clothes. Finally, a table and chairs provide a place to eat or to work.

Work began on the AirBn'P apartment early this year and it was completed in August.

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