Gulfstream G800 ultra-long-range business jet makes maiden flight

Gulfstream G800 ultra-long-range business jet makes maiden flight
The Gulfstream G800 is designed for the ultra-long range market
The Gulfstream G800 is designed for the ultra-long range market
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The Gulfstream G800 is designed for the ultra-long range market
The Gulfstream G800 is designed for the ultra-long range market

If you're in the market for a private jet with a longer range, Gulfstream could have just the jet for you. It's new ultra-long-range G800 completed its first flight on Wednesday in the skies over the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport in Georgia, in a two-hour test flight using sustainable aviation fuel.

Making its debut in October 2021, the G800 is designed to meet the booming demand for both private business jets and long-range aircraft. Billed as the industry’s longest-range aircraft, the G800 can fly for 8,000 nm (9,200 miles, 14,800 km), with a long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.85, and an operating ceiling of 51,000 ft (15,500 m).

The new Gulfstream boasts a bespoke advanced high-speed wing with a wingspan of 103 ft (31 m) and a pair of Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines pumping 18,250 lb of thrust each, allowing the craft to operate from runways with a length of only about 6,000 ft (1,800 m).

Inside, the G800 seats up to 19 passengers in up to four living areas or three living areas and a crew compartment for long-distance hauls. The cabins have ergonomic seats, a high-definition circadian lighting system designed to reduce jet lag, an air system that constantly replaces the cabin air rather than recirculating it, and 16 windows that Gulfstream claims are the largest in the industry.

Up forward is the Gulfstream next-generation Symmetry Flight Deck that includes dual head-up displays, and the Combined Vision System with the Enhanced Flight Vision System and Synthetic Vision System imagery for improved situational awareness.

"When the first G800 test aircraft rolled out at our announcement last fall, we changed the game once again for our industry," said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. "At Gulfstream, working closely with our customers allows us to continuously build on our successes and develop aircraft that exceed their expectations. The G800 pushes the boundaries of performance even further with Gulfstream-designed aerodynamics and cabin technology, and we look forward to our customers benefiting from the longer range at higher speeds in our exceptional cabin environment.

"We have announced eight new aircraft in the past decade, strategically timed to capture market demand. We are seeing great interest in the G800, and this first flight brings us even closer to delivering a Gulfstream for every mission."

Source: Gulfstream

Gulfstream's motto must be "play it safe, innovation is for losers".
Gulfstream makes an elegant bird, for sure.. no doubt due to it's Grumman roots. :-) To think the Gulfstream line would not exist if Grumman had gone with the original proposal to build a Widgeon based business aircraft.

That said, GIII, GIV, GV, GVI...550, 650, 700...etc. The G800 looks like yet another stretching of G4 :-D
@Smokey_Bear Well, between the G400 and G800, they'll only have 39% of the market share. Safe = lucrative, wot?
Wish I had a spare $100M.
Larry W
Who cares about traditional jet fueled planes in todays' world? I'm beginning to think that NewAtlas is just OldAtlas.