Space on economy class flights is notoriously limited, especially with the tray table down. Craig Rabin has created a device that means your tray table can remain stowed for the most part. The Airhook attaches to the stowed table to hold an electronic device, a drink and a coat.

The principle behind the Airhook is simple. It has an anchor that hooks over the top of an upright tray table and subsequently holds itself in place. There is then a slot into which an electronic device can then be placed and an adjustable bungee that attaches to the top of larger tablets to secure them.

Smartphones or tablets up to 8 in (203 mm) tall and 0.8 in (20 mm) thick can be used with the Airhook and users can adjust the angle of their electronic device before tightening it into position with a knob on the side. There is also a hook for hanging coats or headphones and a drinks holder.

Not only does all this provide users with more space at their seat, but it makes it much easier to stand up and move around. Rabin says the device also results in a better viewing angle for users when watching something on an electronic device, rather than having to look down at a tray table.

At the time of writing, the Airhook can be pre-ordered for US$22. Deliveries are expected to be made by December 2015.

The video below provides an overview of the Airhook.

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