Airstream has built its name on iconic aluminum shelled trailers, and it isn't about to deviate from what has proven a hugely popular script. The company's newest camper wears its famous silver exterior loudly and proudly, but takes a modern and minimalistic approach when it comes to the indoors.

Announced today, the Globetrotter is a tip of the hat to the company's origins, when founder Wally Byam and a friend traveled around Europe in an Airstream with the words "Globe Trotters" painted on the outside.

That was 70 years ago and from the outside looking in, not a lot has changed in how Airstream designs its campers. The 27-ft Globetrotter is wrapped in Airstream's storied riveted aluminum and was built in collaboration with UK design studio Astheimer Limited, whose portfolio features everything from yachts to cars to ski boots.

Airstream has put its expertise to use fitting out the Globetrotter's interior, and it is certainly easy on the eyes with a clean and curvy design and heavy dose of sophistication. A stainless steel sink is sunk into Corian countertops alongside a three-burner stove, 6.7 cubic ft fridge and slide-out pantry, with handcrafted cabinetry filling out the overhead kitchen space.

Made to sleep up to six people, the bedroom features an adaptive foam mattress surrounding by curvy, low-profile panoramic windows that light up the room during the day and can be covered by blackout curtains at night. Storage comes by way of a wardrobe with a hanging bar and space beneath the bed, while LED reading lights and a Samsung LED HD TV are on hand for evening entertainment.

A Samsung LED HD TV features in the dining and lounge area also enclosed by panoramic windows, along with a Blue Ray/DVD player and Pole surround sound system with Bluetooth connectivity. The lounges pull out for extra bedding and are covered in finely woven, stain resistant fabric, and the interior decor is available in four color schemes: dark walnut and cream, dark walnut and slate, natural elm and grey and natural elm and blue.

The Airstream Globetrotter comes with power stabilizer jacks for easy setup once you've rolled into camp, while a ducted climate control system throughout should help you keep cool or warm depending on the climate. It also comes with a solar pre-wire kit for hooking up to clean energy.

Pricing for the Airstream Globetrotter starts at a hefty US$99,900, with dealers around the US stocking the trailers from early October.

Source: Airstream

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