Akai announce APC40 Control Surface for Ableton Live

Akai announce APC40 Control Su...
Akai's APC40
Akai's APC40
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Akai's APC40
Akai's APC40

January 16, 2009 Akai has unveiled the APC40 controller, designed in conjunction with Ableton specifically for use with Live 7. The APC40 is the first controller to feature bi-directional communication with Ableton, allowing it to give visual feedback on the state of 40 clips and 16 parameters.

With instant access to 40 clips, 16 parameters, five scenes, arm/solo/cue/mute across eight channels, a master fader, tap tempo/nudge and a replaceable crossfader, this could be the device that unchains you from your mouse, keyboard and monitor during your performances, and makes that "just checking my e-mail" look a thing of the past.

The APC40 is a class-compliant USB device, which means plug-and-play operation with Ableton Live 7 on a PC or Mac - with no remapping or tweaking needed to enable any of the functionality. Of course, Ableton power users can easily remap what they need.

It also includes Live 7 APC Edition, a cut-down version of Ableton with limitations on track and plugin counts, so you can get started with production, remixing or DJing without the full retail version of Live, or a save-disabled demo version.

Akai promises the solid build quality we've come to expect from their MPC, MPD and MPK range of devices. No word on price or availability.

Touch - Introducing the APC 40

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