If you've been thinking about buying a smartwatch ... well, another one has now been added to the mix. Announced today at CES 2015, Alcatel Onetouch's imaginatively-named Watch wirelessly links users to the functions of their Android or iOS smartphone, plus it has a number of integrated sensors that let them monitor their daily activity.

While we've seen a couple of Android Wear watches with round (or almost round) faces, the Alcatel Onetouch Watch is the first circular smartwatch that plays nicely with iPhones. Few of the current big-ticket smartwatches work with iPhones (Pebble being the most notable), and the upcoming Apple Watch has a rectangular face.

Like many other smartwatches, the Watch communicates with the user's phone via Bluetooth 4.0, and alerts them (by vibrating and displaying) when that phone receives calls, text messages or social media updates. Additionally, its 1.22-inch 262K touchscreen face can be used to control music playback from the phone, it allows users to activate the phone's camera from a distance, and it can be used to make the phone ring if it's been misplaced – speaking of which, the Watch will also vibrate if it's taken too far from a paired phone.

Its sensor suite includes a heart-rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter and e-compass. Working with apps included on the device, these allow fitness-conscious users to track their sleep cycle, distance covered, steps taken and calories burned.

The Watch is IP67 water-resistant, comes in four color combinations, and is finished with materials including brushed chrome and stainless steel. It should work with all phones running Android 4.3, iOS 7, or higher. Charging its 210-mAh battery from empty takes about an hour, and is achieved using a USB connector built into the strap. One charge should be good for two to five days of use.

Alcatel Onetouch has yet to release information regarding exact pricing or availability, although the company has stated that the Watch will be sold "at a fraction of the cost of competitors."

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