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Alienware High-Definition 4 terabyte media server

Alienware High-Definition 4 terabyte media server
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September 10, 2007 Media servers are set to become an essential item in 21st century households and like all things associated with digital storage, the bigger the better. Last week Gizmag featured the 500GB Sony Home Entertainment Server, and now news of a new HD Media Server from Alienware that comes with up to four terabytes of hot-swappable hard drive storage.

The HD Media Server is a high definition content storage and distribution device designed for the digital home that comes with up to four terabytes of hard drive storage and enables the recording and playing back of high definition content at up to 1080p via an HDMI output. The system also supports internal cable card and features a Dolby Digital 7.1 preamp output.

In addition to watching Blu-ray disc movies and recording high definition live TV shows, the HD Media Server can be used to download web content, wirelessly stream media to other PCs or mobile devices and also to automate many home features including lighting, room music, security, and air conditioning.

Alienware introduced the new Media Server at the recent CEDIA EXPO in Denver along with the Blu-ray Disc Hangar18 HD Entertainment Center - a system which delivers 1080p high definition picture quality and allows storage of up to 50GB on a dual layer disc featuring uncompressed surround sound and greater resistance to scratches and fingerprints.

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