Silicon Mountain Holdings, a technology company specializing in high performance interactive computing solutions has announced the release of the Allio Lite, the latest offering from their range of popular Allio converged LCD HDTV/PC... and it's at a lower price point.

Strengthening the Allio Lite is the integration of an Intel Atom based PC and DVD/CD player, delivering a simple, low-cost converged multimedia solution capable of delivering the full HD experience in your living room. Intel Atom technology has been integrated into a lot of light-computing products and is popular for it’s low-cost and low heat/power requirements. The Allio Lite offers Intel Atoms most powerful CPU, the Atom 330 – 1.6Ghz. Supporting Windows Vista Home Premium, the Allio Lite also features a DVD super-multi drive, 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive.

Bringing together HDTV and internet/PC content allows Allio Lite owners to check email while watching TV, enjoy digital music while working on a spreadsheet or stream HD content from the likes of Hulu or Tidal TV while checking on your Facebook page. With this kind of integration, the potential is massive.

Winning favor at CES this year, the Allio Lite was commended for it’s simple, functional feature set and excellent value during the introductory phase of digital convergence technology.

Featuring the same specification PC technology, the Allio Lite 42-inch model sells for USD$1599, while the 32-inch sells for USD$1299.

Tim LeFevre