When the internet goes down, the first thing anyone should do is power cycle their modem and router – it seems like almost every internet problem can be fixed by simply turning everything on and off in the right order (as long as the problem is not on the ISP's end, of course). The process takes a good five minutes, between waiting and timing everything right. The Amazing Jellybean aims to make it simpler by allowing users to simply push one button, and have everything power cycled for them in the correct order.

The device is like an advanced power strip. The modem and router are plugged into it, and when connection issues arise, a user simply pushes the button, and everything is power cycled in the correct order and with the right timing. This is designed to take the guess work out of the process, and keeps the user from having to stand there, waiting to turn everything back on.

The Amazing Jellybean is also equipped with Bluetooth, which is handy for users who have to keep their router in a place that doesn't offer convenient access, or for those who just don't feel like moving. The application comes with a single button, much like the Jellybean itself, and users can push this to initiate a power cycle without even having to get up.

Of course, this could also come in handy for the less tech-savvy user as well. Instead of having to call customer service when the internet is going haywire, they can just press a single button to give everything a proper power cycle.

Jim Pyle, the creator of the Amazing Jellybean, is seeking funding on Kickstarter. The project has already exceeded his US$10,000 goal. The funding will go towards taking the idea from a functioning prototype to a final manufactured design. In the US, the minimum pledge to receive an Amazing Jellybean is $40. For Canada, the minimum pledge is $75, and the rest of the world requires $80.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information.

Source: Kickstarter

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